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sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2011

Alchemy of the love!

You, perfect alchemy of the magos of the love. 
You. .que penetrated for my veins and run for my body, 
invading my brain as an explosion of neurons… 
not leaving to never forget me it. 
You who make with that my heart has beaten immensely, 
as the danger that imminent patrol… 
making with that the utmost soil under my feet, 
leaving me at the mercy of of an abyss. 
You who cause all these sensations in an eddy of emotions; 
You. .another one half of me that it was lost in the time, 
stimulating me to dive it in the past its search, 
all time that I think about being one " I" complete. 
You, that wild passion without limitations full e of desire to sail… 
TO SAIL without route and alone to anchor when to find it, 
being able in this instant sentiz it, 
to kiss it and to find that the hour arrived to die… 

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